Tackork is an old reformed berry farm in Nauvo located within the Finnish archipelago. There have been settlements and cultivation activities in the region of Tackork since the beginning of the last millennium, with its history extending back to the 1200’s. The current buildings located on the farm date mainly from the late 1800’s.

For the past 15 years the farm has specialised in berry and vegetable cultivation. The farms products are well known throughout both the Archipelago and southern Finland.

From Tackork we have been provided many healthful foods such as: saskatoon, berry blue honeysuckle, sea buckthorn, wine berries. The farm bees are working hard on making their own honey for us.

Before becoming a berry farm period, Tackork operated for a long time as a grainary. Several farm production buildings, a historic barn and a smoke sauna are still remaining from that period.

The current owners of the farm moved to the farm during the summer 2017. Our intention is not only to continue the farm activity but also to further develop services in the region for tourism,  boating, and corporate groups. Our aim is to promote and sustain the vitality of the archipelago by building diversified services and creating more employment opportunities.

In the idyllic and tranquil yard of Tackork you’ll see a rooster with chickens, cats and sheep. There is also a barbecue hut, a nice playground, a trampoline, lawn for games, Frisbee golf, and electric kids quad bikes – fun for the whole family! You can rent kayaks and sup-boards or, if you want to depart to the village of Nauvo you can go by bikecycle, or with a traditional Tunturi motorbike, or even an awesome tandembike.

You will be staying in Star cottages similar to those found in Lapland, where you can admire the starry skies and Sea Eagles from your own bed.

Secluded guest harbour provides accommodation for 10-12 boats. On the beach you can find barbecues, a seaside sauna, fireplace, toilet and a place for washing dishes.

Hike in the forest and on the seashore.

For a pleasant experience you will be crowned with a gentle bath in the large smoke sauna and relaxing outdoor jacuzzis.

In the shop and summer café located at Tackork you will find the farm’s own local products and handicrafts, snacks, coffee, icecream, refreshments and pleasant souvenirs.

Welcome, to the farm of wellbeing.

60 10.575´N, 21 44.769´E

Tackorkintie 31, 21660 Nauvo