Tackork offers you a luxurious culinaristic experience. With us you get to enjoy the delicacies of our game meat restaurant and our notorious archipelago-style brunch. All of our dishes are prepared from only the best and most pure ingredients. Game meat courses are our specialty and they provide a more ecological and ethical choice to produced meat. Dishes drawn up from meats that are cold- and warm smoked on our own premises guarantee a tongue-tickling experience!


Our brunch takes the most important meal of the day to a whole new level. Filled with authentic archipelagian flavors, our brunch is the perfect way to kickstart your day. You get to enjoy our farm’s own berries, fresh eggs, handmade honey and Finnish archipelago bread baked in our own kitchen. Our self-smoked fish, charcuterie, freshly squeezed juices and tons of other delicious flavors are also laid out for you to feast on. Join us to enjoy the best flavors of the season!

Tackork Restaurant, Nauvo
Hunting in Tackork, Nauvo


Finnish game meat is the purest meat in the world. Game meat is a more ecological and ethical choice to produced meat. There lives a myriad of game species in the forests of Nauvo. The most sharp-eyed ones can spot a roe deer or a pheasant raging in the woods of Tackork.

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