A fishing or hunting trip in the Turku Archipelago offers great adventures and great natural experiences.

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The archipelago’s nature offers tremendous opportunities for all those interested in fishing and hunting, in all possible conditions. Thanks to the short distances, you can even try hunting and fishing on the same trip.


The Turku archipelago is an incredibly versatile fishing area. There are around 20 000 islands and hundreds of thousands of small islets. Here everyone can find their own secret fish place, but we know the best.

Fishing trips are one of our main products. In addition to fishing trips, we implement meeting and other maritime programme services for corporate groups. Here, the conditions and guides define the kind of catch you are getting.


Our hunting season begins with pigeon and finger yachts in the autumn and ends in late winter with the pheasant, standing hen dogs. The forest and field landscapes of our region also live in a strong roe deer and small game offers interesting hunting experiences for experienced and novice hunters. The coffee on the campfire, while the overnight stay in Laavu, in the peace of nature, will surely make you forget your everyday zeal.

The idyllic and tranquil yard of the farm is inhabited by, for example, a rooster with chickens, cats and sheep. Here you will also find a barbecue hut, a nice playground, a trampoline, yard games and 3 bus frisbee golf.

Welcome, to the farm of wellbeing.

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