On the Tackork lands, there has been settlement and cultivation since the beginning of the last century. History goes as far back as to the 13th century. On the grounds there are two bronze-age graves documented by the Finnish Heritage Agency.  The buildings are from the end of the 19th century and since renovated tastefully with respect for the old look.  

Before us, the estate was a farm specialised in growing berries- and vegetables for 15 years. The produce of the farm was well-known all around the archipelago and southern Finland. Still to this day, berries are grown on the estate and they are served to our customers at brunch and we make our own juice, beer, pies and jellies from them.

Today we are focused on creating experiences in the midst of nature for corporate groups as well as offering unique accommodation for visitors troughout the year. You have to experience the environment and the ambience for yourself! 

We welcome you to experience our hospitality, enjoy local delicacies in our restaurant as well as relaxing in the most spectacular saunas and activities in the archipelago.


Tackorkintie 31
21660, Nauvo, Finland
Information and bookings:  +3584578747461
[email protected]